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We are a Hong Kong based ‘Not for Profit’ organisation run by 4 teachers promoting authentic, skills based approaches to learning. We started in 2008 by creating the IE Award in Applied ICT in responds to our concerns about the courses and qualifications available to our students.  This programme, originally accredited by Cambridge International Examinations is now accredited by ASDAN UK, is offered at a number of international schools across Asia. We have recently launched a digital literacy framework which is designed to help schools identify digital literacy needs accross the school in the 9 to 13 year olds. More detail of this unique programme and the resources to support it can be found here.


  • To develop partnerships with educational and non educational organisation to provide authentic learning opportunities for students and schools.
  • To encourage creativity and innovation through the use of communication technology.
  • To create frameworks to support the teaching and learning of 21st Century skills.

  • To develop students ability to learn and apply skills in real and meaningful ways.
  • To provide accreditation and certification for schools and students using skills based frameworks


IE Award in Applied ICT

IE Award in Digital Literacy

Skills based approaches to learning Continuing Professional Development.

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Award in Applied ICT

The  IE Award in Applied ICT is a skills based award for 14 – 19 year olds which aims to develop students creativity, independence and responsibility  through the use of ICT in authentic projects.

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Award in Digital Literacy

IE Award in Digital Literacy is a skills based award for 9 – 14 year olds which aims to develop students awareness of the Digital literacy and encourage positive behaviors in the digital age.  The unique flexible approach to assessments provides a idea framework to build on good practice.

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Award in Digital Skills

The IE Award in digital skill is a  simple to use and administer Award will help students develop essential software skills they need for their learning and for their future.
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